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We started our business Byler Avionics & Aviation LLC in October 2013, and I started working independently for different aviation businesses. I worked on Hillers in Chelan, and S-55 helicopters in
Brewster. I finally found someone in Moses Lake that worked on Hillers, and I learned from him how to overhaul the gearboxes and transmissions of the Hiller helicopters, and repair and troubleshooting of engines both on airplanes and helicopters. He was the guy everybody that owned a Hiller would call if they had issues. It was great hands-on training.

I travelled mainly for maintenance and repair, and ended up with customers in Prosser, Sunnyside,
Desert Aire, Moses Lake, Othello, Warden, Royal City, Ritzville, Spokane etc. I got my IA late in 2015, and
do a lot of annual inspections. Albert helps out whenever I need a second hand, or we have to travel, and he takes care of the girls when I’m taking classes. In February 2019 we got our first hanger in Othello, it was an unheated T-hanger, but it was a place
where now I could have people bring their aircrafts my way instead of me traveling. I still go places if the airplanes are unable to make it my way. In January 2020 we moved into a hanger with office in Warden, and this is where we are still located.

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